Welcome to the kids-make-movies blog! This blog is about movies, movie making and stop-motion animation tips, and other movie-related topics that we’ll meet on the way. With – and about – real kids, NYC kids. We’re looking for writers for our blog! (8-15 years old) Please contact us if you are interested.


* ELKE (kids-make-movies co-founder and teacher, click here for bio) will post on Saturdays.

Some favorite movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Up

* REBECCA (9 years old) will post on Wednesdays

Favorite movies: X-Men 1, 2, 3 and 4.

My name is Rebecca and I am nine. The thing that people notice about me right away is that I love to sing, I’m singing all day long. I sometimes get to go in the studio to record songs.

I have a lot of favorite things it’s going to be a long list. I enjoy making movies the most, singing, writing stories, drawing etc… I am reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which is great, I love all the books. When your nine you feel happier and handle things better. When I was young I was afraid of the Doctor for instance one time there was this suction and when I looked at it I immediately started crying. And now when I get a shot I say, “that’s it” or “ I want more”. This year I’m really good at basketball and swimming and singing and dancing. Being nine feels good because you get to do more grownup stuff.


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