Free tickets to Harry Potter the Exhibition!

We’re giving away 3×2 tickets to Harry Potter The Exhibition!!

(see Rebecca’s blog entry below for more info)

Please email us what you like most about Harry Potter: Winners will get 2 free tickets and published on this blog!

The Harry Potter Exhibition is at the Discovery Museum on Times Square, 226 W 44th St (between Broadway & 8th Avenue)


Harry Potter at the Discovery Museum

By Rebecca (9)

As  you know I am a huge harry potter fan! I found out there was a harry potter exhibit on 44st at the discovery museum.
So on friday my aunt ,a friend  and I went. I was so excited! When we got there we went in and a guy was holding the sorting hat.
My friend and I raised our hands and got picked. We sat on the stool and got sorted.
The sorting hat shouted for both of us Gryffindor. There were so many awesome things! Like the costume’s! We also got to pull a mandrake from a pot

kids at the Discovery Museum's Harry Potter exhibit


and throw a quaffle through the goalposts. In every room there was a scene from one of the movies playing. It was AWESOME! I advise harry potter lovers to go! And don’t forget to stop at the very expensive gift shop. I got Hermoine’s Time-Turner!

I give the exhibit  5 thumbs up.

Expelliarmus! Kids at the Discovery Museum's HP exhibit