At Zombie School (movie party)

When making movies with kids, sooner or later you have to decide if and how to include the monsters and murders they just love to come up with.  At kids-make-movies we help kids to realize their ideas while finding ways around some of the violent parts.  Space Portals, explosions, vampires and clay monsters: yes. Guns and other weapons: no.  There will be plenty of monsters in many movies kids make, no matter what, but we also work with some of the also very cool but monster free ideas kids have:)

At Annie’s 9th Birthday Party at Bravo Studios on W 27 Street in Manhattan, Annie and her 13 guests performed a series of songs (Hey Soul Sister!), fashion (duct tape bracelets!) and movie reviews (Tangled!) Annie also came up with a zombie sketch where a teacher gets attacked by her zombie students. It was so much fun to film, and not scary, with all the bright lights and the excitement about the green screen studio. In editing we added backgrounds and of course sound effects and Music (from Dracula and Thriller). It got a bit scarier, for some. Still, eight-year-old zombies are the cutest zombies in the world. At least these ones are, I haven’t met other zombies yet, to be honest.

Here’s ZOMBIE SCHOOL (click to see the 2 min video on our youtube channel)

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