Free tickets to Harry Potter the Exhibition!

We’re giving away 3×2 tickets to Harry Potter The Exhibition!!

(see Rebecca’s blog entry below for more info)

Please email us what you like most about Harry Potter: Winners will get 2 free tickets and published on this blog!

The Harry Potter Exhibition is at the Discovery Museum on Times Square, 226 W 44th St (between Broadway & 8th Avenue)


Harry Potter at the Discovery Museum

By Rebecca (9)

As  you know I am a huge harry potter fan! I found out there was a harry potter exhibit on 44st at the discovery museum.
So on friday my aunt ,a friend  and I went. I was so excited! When we got there we went in and a guy was holding the sorting hat.
My friend and I raised our hands and got picked. We sat on the stool and got sorted.
The sorting hat shouted for both of us Gryffindor. There were so many awesome things! Like the costume’s! We also got to pull a mandrake from a pot

kids at the Discovery Museum's Harry Potter exhibit


and throw a quaffle through the goalposts. In every room there was a scene from one of the movies playing. It was AWESOME! I advise harry potter lovers to go! And don’t forget to stop at the very expensive gift shop. I got Hermoine’s Time-Turner!

I give the exhibit  5 thumbs up.

Expelliarmus! Kids at the Discovery Museum's HP exhibit


Summer Movie Workshops

I’m so curious to see what this year’s summer workshops will bring.
2011: Weekly workshops from June through August.

Here are some of last year’s movies highlights:

Star Warz – Part 9
The story of Star Warz in the parallel universe of Almagaz…

America Can Sing – The Island of Shame
Three contestants who sing badly suffer the fate of many before them. For their bad singing, they get sent to the Island of Shame, where they are tortured by listening to their own singing until they agree to renounce all forms of singing once and for all.

Justin Bieber is being stalked by his #1 fans, who not only find out that his real name is Justin Beaver, but also his other secret…

The Revenge of Dr. Wasabi

Featuring  our piano-playing villain Dr. Wasabi,  girl-superhero Blowdryer, Sarah Palin,  a galactic portal that Komodo Turtle opened with the power of his farts and a guest star from Germany, Kaspar, 9, who didn’t speak English but got a part in the movie anyway

Harry Potter 1 + 6 reviews


This weekend I saw Harry Potter and the half blood prince. I think they could have done a much better job. It was kind of dull. In the book your face is buried and you can’t put it down. In this movie you can nod off to sleep. When I watched harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone I was really focused and interested but in the half blood prince I was sleepy.


My favorite movie to date is Xman. It has me going and disappearing into the story.
What is your favorite movie?

I am working on my own story called “first class powers” stay tune for a chapter.
What are you working on?



The Wizard of Odd

The Wizard of Odd

(just like the Wizard of Oz – not!)

watch it now



Don’t miss the show.

Starring (in alphabetical order)






Hannah Lola










107 Days! Countdown to Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows II


First let me say I love Harry Potter, I live breath and dream Harry Potter. I love to put myself in the movie as one of the characters and make up scenes. I love to create harry potter movies myself.
My favorite Harry potter movie is Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. It was so good and so real, the best special effects.

Rebecca’s Fun Facts:

* Did You Know  the author of the books is J.K Rowling  also known as Joanne Kathleen Rowling. J. K Rowling was born in chipping Sudbury near Bristol.

* She was the oldest of two sister’s.

* She loved grave yards which has to do with the fourth book ending.

* She also loved school like I do. I have the best 3rd grade teacher in the world. JK Rowling’s  favorite class was English, her teacher was Ms. Shepherd. JK Rowling does not know if Ms. Shepherd thought she would become a writer.  I think my teacher knows I will write and make movies.

* The idea for Harry Potter came to her when she was on a train ride, but she didn’t have a pen or paper but by the end of the train ride she knew it was going to be a 7 book series .
* One time when she was having a fight with her boyfriend.  She stormed out of the house went to a pub and invented quidditch.
* Another time she was in the park and waited till her daughter fell asleep and ran to the cafe and finished the first book.
* At first she was terrified by the publicity imagine how she felt when the 7th book came out. All that inspires me to write books and movies –

– what about you???

“Ding Dong, the witch is dead…” NOT!

The movie The Wizard of Oz will be 72 years old this August. Yet it refuses to get old and has been incarnated in references and quotes in many movies from The Matrix (“Kansas is going bye-bye”) to “No place like home” in Toy Story. Please post more movie references, if you know some:)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was the closing song at this year’s Academy Awards, performed by the 5th grade chorus of PS 22 in Staten Island (never mind that the rest of this year’s awards was not too exciting, that’s another story.)

Here’s the Brooklyn take on the Wizard of Oz:

15 kids from PS 372 are in the process of creating a movie inspired by the Wizard of Oz in their after-school movie class. It’s just like the Wizard… except in Dorothy’s blue and white checker dress we find the Siamese twins Doreen and Doroo, there are two witches who are not-so-gifted fortune tellers, three Freds, Dr. Cheese, Justin Bieber and his ninjas, Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, and two movie announcers. The Brooklyn Bridge disappears, and so do our three Freds. Super Mario has something to do with it. That’s all we can give away for now, stay tuned for the movie release next Saturday, April 2, 2011!

Here’s a preview (coming Sunday, March 26, 2011)


* The Horse of a Different Color couldn’t be actually painted because of Animal Rights concerns. So they used colored, flavored jelly – which the horse kept licking off.

* It took 20 guys a week to set up the 40,000 wire poppies.

* The song “Over the Rainbow” tested badly in preview screenings, so it was cut out and then later, upon reflection, reinserted. Good thinking.

* The Cowardly Lion’s tail was worked by a technicians on an overhead walkway.

* Toto’s real name was Terry and she was a Cairn Terrier. Only she was paid much less than Judy Garland 🙂

* The 124 midgets who were the Munchkins only got $50 a week.

Trivia source