Phone home – 30 years E.T.

   OCTOBER – the spookiest month is here!

And E.T. is back, just in time for Halloween.

30 years after its original release, the world’s most famous extra terrestrial

is back on Blue Ray – and in Movie Theaters all around the US, one day only October 3rd.

AMC Empire 25
234 W 42ND ST
NEW YORK, NY 10036
AMC Kips Bay 15 with IMAX
570 2ND AVE
NEW YORK, NY 10016
Union Square Stadium 14
NEW YORK, NY 10003

to order tickets:

At kids-make-movies, we celebrate Halloween with special spooky Greeting cards and Halloween Parties. Boo!


Fringe vs. Blues Brothers (BB wins!)


stop-motion animation post coming soon~

Sphere and Gone with the Wind

You don’t really know what a song means…

What music videos do kids like?

What music videos do kids like?

(I appreciate comments here:)

So far, we have feedback from 7 Brooklyn kids:

A-ha, Take on me (Daniella, 10, says she likes the 80s)

Bjork (Hannah Lola likes anything Bjork)

and Harry and Sam-Shoop-da-Woop  can only stand to watch a Justin Bieber video with their ears covered…

(Eliana doesn’t agree at all)

Taylor Swift, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles are runners up.

Summer Movie Workshops

I’m so curious to see what this year’s summer workshops will bring.
2011: Weekly workshops from June through August.

Here are some of last year’s movies highlights:

Star Warz – Part 9
The story of Star Warz in the parallel universe of Almagaz…

America Can Sing – The Island of Shame
Three contestants who sing badly suffer the fate of many before them. For their bad singing, they get sent to the Island of Shame, where they are tortured by listening to their own singing until they agree to renounce all forms of singing once and for all.

Justin Bieber is being stalked by his #1 fans, who not only find out that his real name is Justin Beaver, but also his other secret…

The Revenge of Dr. Wasabi

Featuring  our piano-playing villain Dr. Wasabi,  girl-superhero Blowdryer, Sarah Palin,  a galactic portal that Komodo Turtle opened with the power of his farts and a guest star from Germany, Kaspar, 9, who didn’t speak English but got a part in the movie anyway